Today I begin a new endeavor. I am starting a blog.  I have almost done this several times. Each time I have had all sorts of excuses. When I start something I want to do it right and that can lead to analysis paralysis.  Analysis paralysis is the bane of perfectionists that leads to procrastination. Do you ever procrastinate? Make excuses? Get overwhelmed by analysis paralysis? I learned to move through this by producing stage plays over the past several years. You just have to start. Draw a line on the floor and begin to build. Share your vision, start moving, keep going and  the award winning production will materialize. This is all about eating the elephant. You cannot consume an elephant all at once, heck you cannot even find an appropriate sized pot to cook it in.  You eat it one bite at a time and season along the way. Enjoy the meal. Savor the meal. And others will soon help you consume your elephant. So today I start eating the elephant. Along the way I will season, garnish and perhaps marinade the beast. So if you are looking at this post today you will see an image and a post with a bare sidebar.  Over the next several days I will work on the menus, the sidebars, the footers. If you come back in a few days you may see a slightly different post… edited for SEO and for keyword optimization. That is stuff I know I need to learn.  Are you ready to learn a few new tricks.  I will share what I learn along the process. And I will share some of the social media strategies I have learned over the past several years. If you like, you can join me on my journey. Learn as I learn. I am always eager to share the things I am learning. Have you have been procrastinating on eating your own elephant? It is time to take your first bite. Don't put this off to the new year. Get a start now so that you can carry momentum through the holidays and start the New Year with a BANG!

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