Photo credit: Curtain call of Reinhardt University's production of Guys&Dolls captured by Susan E Sneathen This past weekend I went to see the show Guys & Dolls at a local university where my middle child is musical theatre major. This has always been one of my favorite shows. It was a wonderful pleasure to see my son perform as well.  Now I have been very active in my local theatre community over the past several years both as an actor and producer. I also served as vice president of public relations for a while before I term limited out. I have a learned a lot participating in this community just as I have learned a lot participating in the marketing community. I got a special bonus following the show opening night.The show was adjudicated. And the adjudicator gave notes to the students and faculty after the show.My wife and I snuck in the back to listen in. And I found a personal improvement lesson in the questions the adjudicator asked.  At this point I have to give a SPOILER ALERT.  If you hate it when you learn plot details for a show you have never seen… maybe you need to go watch the film version starring Marlon Brando before you finish reading this post. (I will come back and post a link later)The two questions that the adjudicator asked that got my attention were one, “What was the gamechanger?” and two, “Why did Sky have to take take Sarah to Havana?” Now there were certainly several game changing moments in the show: the bet, the trip, the dice game in the sewer and one other moment that I will get to later. The adjudicator however was referring to the moment in Havana when Sarah changed her attitude about Sky after having a number of Dulce De Leches.  And that is when the Adjudicator asked the second question.  I bit my lip when one of the students predictably observed that “Sarah had to go to Havana to have a sexual experience,” I kept quiet and listened knowing I had my “horse right here” for my next blog post. then the adjudicator agreed but also noted that at the time the show was written it was very popular to include “exotic places' in the storyline of shows and films… and nowhere in New York was considered “exotic.' Really? If Sarah needed to have a sexual experience, the play wright could have accomplished that on the Jersey Shore. Seriously. Let's take another look… and do it from the perspective of myth structure. And then we will apply this to your life and mine. In the basic myth the hero is given an apparently impossible task. Frodo has to return the ring to the Fires of Mordor. Harry has to vanquish Voldemort. And true to form Nathan gives Sky an impossible quest. There are consequences and rewards. Take the girl who won't go anywhere with a sinner to someplace she would not go with anyone and win $1000 and massive street cred. Fail and loose the $1000 and some street cred. The consequences and rewards are really not monumental for a high roller like Sky. it is all about the destination.  Getting the girl on an airplane for a six hour flight to Cuba for dinner and flying six hours back is preposterous! The preposterous lead to the game change. Initially, Sky is just playing the game with just another doll that he really doesn't care that much about. If all he had to do was take the girl to the Jersey Shore and back… Forget About It! That is not even worth betting on. To achieve the impossible the rules of the Myth demand that it be Havana. And because the impossible is achieved the game changes. Doll falls for the Guy and Guy fall the Dame… after all “That's what's playing at the Roxie!” Right? Wrong. They get back and Sarah finds out about the dice game at the Mission and everything unravels. But remember the game has changed. So have the consequences. There is now more, much more that $1000 and street cred riding on this bet. And our Hero realizes it. If the show was set today the destination would not be Havana… it would be today's gambling center Las Vegas. And when the game changes, Sky knows “What Happens in Vegas, Stays In Vegas.” Suddenly Sarah's street cred is more valuable that his own… and far more valuable than the $1000 that Sky must pay Nathan for loosing the bet.  And here the game changes. Sky pays the bet off and protects Sarah.  When Sarah learns this she has found her Hero on his white horse. This was never about Sarah having a sexual experience and loosing her virginity. This was about the Hero fulfilling the impossible quest and becoming the gamechanger. Now about you and me. How does this apply? What is your seemingly impossible task? What do you need to change your game? What are the rewards if you are able to change your game?  What are the consequences if you fail? I will follow up on these questions in another post where I share some techniques I leaned from Tony Robbins.  This week i fulfilled one quest that I have been distracted from several times. And because of that you are here. This is my second blog post. In the past I couldn't get past picking a theme. There were just too many choices. And then there was the confusion that the plug-ins propagated. I made excuses. I got sidetracked. I never got past installing WordPress. But I found a gamechanger. And if this is something that you want to do… I am happy to share the game changer that got me this far in just a few days. Thanks for reading Neal PS I really am serious about helping you find your gamechanger and achieve the preposterous.  I would love to read your story in the comments below. Or you are welcome to send me a personal message.

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