How do you draw people to your business, your event or activity. It is obvious that you need to be able to tell people about it.  However if you push your product 24-7 with post… after post… after post, people go the other way.they get tired of you spamming your feed. They start to ignore you and may even turn you off or block you. You have to provide value.Gary Vaynerchuk calls this “Jab, Jab, Jab, Punch”  You provide value. You provide value again, You continue to provide the value… and eventually you ask for business. As you provide value you build trust. When folks find your content they stay for the value. Start providing your value now by creating content that will attract people in your niche.  if your in the health & fitness niche talk about diet and work outs. If you are in a travel niche talk about destinations or packing hacks.If your in the social media niche, talk about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Where do you get content?  I'll be honest. I once thought that was a problem. but no more.  One statement from blogger Ray Higdon changed my outlook. He merely pointed out that the notes that you have taken on every subject you have ever studied are uncashed checks and that you can cash them by converting them to value online for others. After you provide sufficient content then you can put in a call to action.  ( You can find the link to Ray's Course: The 3 minute Expert elsewhere on this page.)   If you ask too much then you become ignored.  When people ignore you on a site like Facebook, then the Facebook Algorithm stops showing your content. If you post valuable content that engages people and successfully encourages interaction, then the Algorithm shows your content to more people.  As Gary Vaynerchuk would point out if you boxing strategy consists only of a Punch then you will never get through. The Punch only works if your target is responding to the Jabs.  Does that make sense?

So how much value should you provide before you ask for business?  Most of the social media mavens say that you should abide by the 80-20 rule and provide at least 80% of your content as valuable content to your niche… or content that will at least engage your niche.  Others point out that we are talking about social media, and that people need to see that you are a real person and they follow the 80-10-10 rule. 80% value, 10% fun or insight into your real life, and then 10% a call to action to your product or service. After looking through my feed today, I would encourage you to add a 0% to these rules.  Keep away from polarizing political posts.  Toxic content drives people away… and that is not just limited to politics. Rants against family members or Ex-family members or anybody is not an effective attraction marketing strategy. We have all seen these kind of posts. Perhaps we all feel a temptation to vent at some time or another. If you tempted, please put it on paper and give it 24 hours. If it still bothers you journal it or mail it… or better yet tear it up.  Just don't put it out there on social media for your public to see. It is not attractive. If you have any such posts on your feed, I might consider deleting them where you can and hiding them where you cannot delete.

I hope you have found value here, and if you have I would invite you to follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram.


Neal Brackett DVM

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