Neal Brackett is an active  practicing family veterinarian in the northwest Georgia area.  He is the former president of the North West Georgia Veterinary Medical Association.  While working on a graduate degree at the University of Missouri, he helped pioneer a procedure to transplant an immune system from one species to another.  Prior to graduation from the University of Georgia he served as editor for the Veterinary School Newsletter and as a student athletic trainer for multiple South Eastern Conference Championship teams.

Over the past several years he has been active in the local theatre community. He has spent time onstage and behind the scenes. He has produced over a dozen stage productions including The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, The Outsiders, The Man Who Came to Dinner, And Then There Were None, Inherit The Wind, Play It Again Sam, The Dixie Swim Club and most recently Drinking Habits. He is the the former Vice President of Public Relations of The Rome Little Theatre, Inc. He has appeared on stage for a number of production companies beside the Rome Little Theatre, including Rome's Own Musical Ensembles, Friends of the Constitution and Acts of Random Theatre.

Neal has been active in the online community for several years.  He has honed his skills by participating in online company launches for a number of industry leaders. He has an active following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  He hopes to share the skills and strategies that he has learned over the years through the posts on this blog.

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