What kind of guitarist doesn't do chords? Isn't that the first thing that is taught to beginning guitarists?  Well it looks like you can be an actual guitar legend without doing chords. In collaboration with the band U2 on the song “When Love Comes To Town”, B.B.King told Bono and the boys that he was horrible at chords…  still most musicians and fans that follow rock and jazz can recognize B.B.King's signature sound on the first note.  One note is all you need to tell that this is Lucille in the hands of her master. B.B.King played for the pope and for presidents. He was honored by invitations to play with nearly every musical legend of his day… and those legends were honored to play with B.B. King! The lesson here is easy. Certainly keep sharpening your skills. but recognize what you do best. Don't be ashamed of your limitations. But at the same time, don't let them hold you back. Let others get your back.  B.B. told Bono to get someone else to play the chords, because “Gentlemen, I don't do chords. I do this!”  Please enjoy the excerpt from a recent npr video below and listen to the masters own words and notes. https://youtu.be/UUkS9EWoDnM?t=1m38s  

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